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Slade 150:
Present, Past, Future

The Slade School of Fine Art at UCL is an art school run by artists for artists since 1871. This exhibition is a snapshot, capturing the experiences of some students studying at the Slade through a pandemic and its 150th year. It has been created through dialogue and collaboration between students and staff, museum curators and others at UCL. The exhibition is artist-led with Slade students reflecting on how their art schools past and its present inform its future.

The exhibition is open until June 2023 and its part of a programme of events marking the Slade's 150th birthday. Find out more at

First serie of etchings

My work for the Slade 150 engages for the first time with the practice of print, resulting in etchings based on life observations of my peers at the Slade. I was inspired by artist Paula Rego, who in her final year at the Slade, in 1956, used the printmaking room as a space of refuge where she didn't feel the pressure to create art but involved herself in making. I found this resonating with my experience and that of my peers. I became interested in portraying how spaces at the Slade, the studio, the workshops and even the green outside, influence the creative process of artists, how we find refuge in these spaces and consequently in each other.

From Generation
to Generation of Artists

Series of 3 etchings on paper


"...the idea of refuge beautifully describes, what the Slade, as community and place, has been to artists who come for guidance, exchange and growth."

Lícia Santos


Press to release

 17 x 21 cm


Back and Forth

   17 X 21 cm 


Conversations on the green (Initial drawing from life)

21 x 42 cm

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